About Shane

Well, hello there.
I’m Shane. Apparently.

I’m an internet dwelling person Robot who makes strange yet lovely rhythmic noises (music) and rambles about nonsense at any chance i get. My music mostly consists of Idm, Techno, Ambient, breakcore, glitch, Drone, Acid, Drum & Bass, chillwave and other forms of electronica. My influences include Plaid, Ochre, Gimmik, Squarepusher, Blue Stahli, Celldweller, Aphex twin and Venetian snares, as well as many others that i cant be bothered to list here. I often try to reflect my mood or a theme of some sort in my music, and sometimes i’m messing about in a specific genre or experimenting with sound design… and sometimes i’m just making something silly. you know, the usual musician kind of stuff. yep.

when i talk, It’s mostly about things I’m very interested or just things i think are worth typing about. Occasionally I review albums I’ve been listening to or talk about an artist / game / whatever for a few paragraphs. I mainly just ramble, to be honest. Sometimes i also doodles stuff, Mostly cute little Stick figure characters (that for some strange reason i really actually quite like) and a few other strange things, and sometimes i do really crappy photography of scenery with a terrible, terrible camera. So Yeah.

anyway, that’s enough self indulgent crap from me. I doubt anyone will ever read this, but whatever!



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