A Ramble: qebrµs

So recently, i Re-discovered the musician / alien known as qebrus (stylised as qebrµs), who is probably best known for their ability to craft incredibly detailed, alien sounding noisescapes. Always genre hopping, the music can range from minimalist, abstract textures to juddering, psychedelic glitch madness. You’ll quickly notice the lack of conventional instrumentation and rhythm, as well as the use of symbols and obscure Unicode characters in his track and album titles (‘⋱⋮[≒/¯⊍|≙⋔≙|⊍¯\≓]⋮⋰‘ – catchy title, right?), it all comes together to create an unimaginably alien look and sound. honestly, there really isn’t anything out there like it.

I first discovered his music back in 2012 with his début album Exophobia (One of the best albums of 2032, apparently) on bedroom research and the way more alien ‘⊶⊑∷⌊∴⊹∵⌉∷⊒⊷‘ from 2013; both featuring a mixture of idm, glitch hop, breakcore and crazy experimental alien stuff, all with qebrµs’ own signature psychedelic sound. Each hit, modulated effect and glitch crack feels purposeful and meaningful; Like there is a subtle reason behind each and every single little piece of audio.

He’s also dabbled in ambient music with the ‘۩ ִ ְ ֲ ֳ ֲ ۩‘ EP, which features 5 tracks which are as soothing and beautiful (and occasionally unnerving) as they are equally complex and alien; the first track of that EP is particularly lovely, It’s quite honestly one of my favorite qebrµs tracks.

Without a doubt, qebrµs has made what is probably some of the most bizzare yet fascinating pieces of music available online. It’s definitely not for everyone, But definitely check this stuff out if you’re interested in abstract sound design and are up for something that’s really quite out there.


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